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Higgs Boson Posing, Without Boasting

Hi, it’s Stephen Wolfing again. Yesterday we surpassed the BBC’s clear and concise explanation of how the Higgs boson works by distilling their minute or two down to one image. But the Greenygrey Higgs boson story does not end there. No readers, it certainly doesn’t. In this blog we will provide photographic evidence to show how the Greenygrey was part of the Higgs boson discovery at every stage.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Site

In this aerial view of the LHC site, where the Higgs boson was found, we can see evidence of the Greenygrey in fields and lakes, trees and sky:

Inside the LHC Site

Here we can see that the Greenygrey was not only above the surface. Oh no, it was also combining with precision below the surface too:

The Greenygrey of the Higgs Boson

And the Greenygrey didn’t end there folks. No, we can also see the greenygrey at work in the Higgs boson particle itself:

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