Royal Couple Ayer's Rock / Uluru Australia Tour 2014

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, reach Uluru / Ayer's Rock on royal couple's Australia tour: Greenygrey blog

Grass moved by wind on a spring day inspires new Folding Mirror poem: mirror poetry

New travel journey started on t25y with Cuba Havana photos: travel25years

Marc Latham's Stockholm travel history article focuses on the city's beautiful architecture, islands, culture and his visit's sunny weather: Travel Thru History

Marc Latham's top five reasons to continue writing published on the Matter Press blog: Matter Press

YouTube video: Dolphins swim alongside, under and in front of catamaran, with a dolphin calf rolling and looking up through a sparkling sea surface: Pilot whales and dolphins

242 Mirror Poems and Reflections Search Meaning of Life

All in the mind, or beyond our reach? 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections looks for answers from the edges of our space and time knowledge, and then processes it through the mind into mirror poems.

PhD graduation, University of Leeds, 2005 mirror poems, poetry book, politics, psychology, personal, society, culture, nature, travel, space, comedy Mirror_Poems_Table_of_Contents.docx

Writing and research are like organic nutrition for knowledge acquisition

During eleven years of further education Marc Latham researched, wrote and proofread large amounts of text to deadlines; and presented material both visually and verbally.

Marc has now been working as a freelance writer for over five years, and is confident that he can provide a number of services to a satisfactory level: from blogging to book writing.

Marc's love of writing is inspired by a thirst for knowledge, progression, equality, escape and creativity.

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A GreenyGrey world

For me, the concept of the GreenyGrey encapsulates the dominant natural colours of the British landscape, with the land predominantly green, and the mountains, rivers, sea and sky usually grey.

shapes, shadow, sky, colours, camera, field, mountain

mountain, rocks, forest

sun, sunrise, trees, morning, light

Brimham Rocks, sunbathing, winter sun, Yorkshire tourist sites

Whernside, summit, circle, mountain, stones, shape

Pen-y-ghent, mountain, peak, Bracken Bottom, sky, grass

sun, shapes, light, foot, grass, stone



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